This is 2M Elegant Design getting acquainted with her new owner, Zoe Knoll...
Thanks Matt and Karen for sending me this priceless picture...


Paul and his little dumplin' 2M Boer Goats Painted Pretty...
She got to do whatever she wanted to do whenever she
wanted to do it...LOL
Paul posing with our doe AABG NBD Debbie...
Our friend John Parrish of Parrish Farms standing in line with
us to take pictures at the 2011 Nationals..
If Paul ever got his judging license, I am afraid this is how he
would stand while judging..LOL. This is his "Superman Stance"
while watching the goats in the ring at Nationals run around
off of the leads..
Paul and Donnie Zollman III with Bella at the Kentucky Classic Show, You can't tell she is a spoiled goat.
Our friend Glen Casada of River Bluff Farm
at the Kentucky Classic Show
The master Tanner showing how it is done...
        Nephew Kyle Morgan at the fair
 Nephew Clay Morgan at the fair
 Nephew Curtis Morgan at the fair
 This is the queen of the household, Lucy
Ticky and one of her two babies March 2010
Blondie & Kim Possible dog tired
at The Kentucky State Fair
Paul clowning around with a
wether at the Clark County Fair
2M Boer Goats 673 (aka Blondie) & her Mom SAFD 112
at The Southern Indiana Classic in Washington IN