2M Boer Goats Bella Donna
Percentage Doe of Excellence

AABG NBD Square One
AABG Status Quo X AABG NBD Lady Di

AABG NBD Square One obtained his ABGA ennoblement in 2011 from his first set of natural kids. He also received Sire Of Merit in March of 2012

LCBG Lewis Creek Ticky
**Ennobled** 4/2010 

 Lewis Creek Ticky is the queen of our farm, she is an outstanding doe that produces show winners and has the commercial milking and mothering abilities that we look for in our stock. Her record for the ABGA is 108 individual points and 144 progeny points as of her ennoblement date. Her progeny earned all 144 points in the 2009 show season.

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LCBG Sting
**Ennobled** 11/09

 Lewis Creek Sting is a buck that we own in partnership with Lewis Creek Boer Goats, he is a buck that produces top quality show winners.

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SAFD 112
**Percentage Doe of Excellence** 5/2009

 This percentage doe has produced our top two show percentage does . She is the dam of both 2M Boer Goats 673 AKA Blondie (99 ABGA Points and 2M Bella Donna 144 ABGA Points)

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