Our farm is located in Charlestown, Indiana which is about 20 miles northeast of Louisville KY. Our initial research of goats consisted of looking for an animal to help clean our wooded areas of brush. We purchased our first goats in 2002 strictly for commercial purposes. Our commercial goat herd consisted of Boer and Kiko goat cross. The first years were very hard because there weren't very many goat producers in our area. We had to learn quickly about commercial goat production and goat health. In 2007, some of the kids in our area decided they would like to show. We decided to start a show string of goats in our first year of showing in 2008 proved to be very successful.

The goal for our farm is to not only produce show quality boer goats, but to also produce a healthy goat with excellent commercial traits. Some of the traits we look at are milking abilities, rate of gain, and mothering abilities.

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  Paul and Kim Morgan